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. now, abc2 news at 11. schools return, new yorkers try to get back to life in the morning. but the sub trains are going to be jam packed. >> coming up we'll show you the relief effort in place. and tonight here we are two days from the election and we'll look at the report card of the names on the ballot you could be voting for. and another shivering nights for victims, and hundreds and thousands are still electricity. >> people will have to sleep in layers and 40,000 new yorkers may need to be relocated. 6 more subway trains expected to be running in the morning. long gas lines in new jersey as we hear frustrated voices asking for help things like heat, water and food. you may think he knows
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about meat balls and not generators, but the owner of sabato, is heading to new york with much more than a dinner. >> we continue to get updates. penske is donating trucks and several ravens players have made pledges. >> these are the heaters that they use on football fields. >> reporter: heat is head to go new jersey. these are torpedo heaters capable of warming a house in 15 minutes. >> as long as they want me to run the generator, we'll do from house to house. >> reporter: carry kaufman collected diapers, perishable food and baby clothe. >> that's what motivated me to think about it. our children are cold and damp.
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>> reporter: one van filled with bready donations, he has about $450 in cash donations along with big commitments. >> within 15 minutes, ed reid, text back to me sent pledges, they'll be in essemia give me money. >> reporter: it will be used to buy what families need. anything will be helpful. kaufman got this text from a friend in new jersey, the salvation army has bear shelves. after all maryland got the lucky. there are local neighbors leaving behind the bids and doing what they can to bring life back to new jersey. >> we're going up every tuesday, wednesday, whatever 10 weeks, two months three months, whatever it df4cymtakes. this is devastateing. >> now sapanos's organized several vans full of donations
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and you heard terry say it. he's not just planning one trip in the morning. if you want to donate, we included drop off locations on abc cheryl conner abc 2 news. we're dealing with the cold backlotser to home. -- back closer to home. it's clear over much of the state. if we go over temperatures, take a look at the readings, westminster, 38, degrees. rock hall. temperatures are cooling down in a big way across the area. the national weather service has put a freeze warning north of town until 8:00 tomorrow morning. vegetation you need to are wrap up as temperatures will be at or below freezing into tonight. we're clear overhead, just a thin vail of clouds across the skyline. that will make it mostly sunny tomorrow. take a look at what's starting to organize, a weak area of low pressure right now over the
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southern plains, this starts to dive into the gulf of mexico tomorrow. this looks to be a big impact storm for maryland, rain, wind and even the potential of snow. we're going to talk about that coming up in weather. here's the hour by hour forecast, cold through the midnight hour, 36. waking up to 34 and we're on our way o of temperatures between 45 and 50 degrees. maybe a little snow, guy. all right. thanks. robin seres has been charged with a crash. it happened in ricky highway and police located a gold 2001 chevrolet venture van near the anne arundel county line, sears was identified as the owner and
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taken into police custody. this is a mess, 3 in the morning, a police car was stopped at a light when two other cars including five people had to go to the hospital. they are nursing various injuries tonight. commercial after commercial, you've seen the campaign ads full of promises but what happens when the lawmakers get your votes and get to work. >> a new report card from a maryland consumer group says it depends, we have more on who they said didn't make the grade. >> reporter: in school, it's the way you measure performance, your proof of a job well done in the classroom is a report card. but kids aren't the only ones who get them. >> if you don't have people going to annapolis to fight for you you want to look at that. >> reporter: that's why the maryland consumer rights is handing out grades for people pleasing you. the nonprofit is dropping the
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abcs on lawmakers based on 8 bills, grading them on the votes on the house floor and on the committee. >> it's hard for individual citizens to always know and follow during sessionings so we want to do this every year and have a recap and let people know know. >> reporter: legislate you know where legislatures stand which include bills tackling everything from foreclosure to identity theft and a tax on tobacco. >> just like about educator, we'd like to give everybody a passing score. >> reporter: they say 80 legislatures got perfect scores and others didn't fare quite as well, with 6 getting fs, at the bottom, delegate don dwyer. we visited his office in annapolis after repeatedly asking for comment, wondering why dwyer voted against bills of a financial education, and
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the state having more power with regulator. other lawmakers at the bottom of the list were happy to answer our questions. >> if you can't stand here and defend the votes you make, then you don't belong here. >> cecil scored a 48% on the report card which he says is flawed in math and methodology. it gave equal weight to house votes and points out he voted in 5 of >> many of the bills are consumer oriented they would never give any consideration many of the bills because they're conservative. i think they need to be called out. they need to change the way they do t. it's a flawed system and i think it's great people put a spotlight on the votes. >> reporter: steve shoe who got a 54% said he would have done the report card differently.
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he voted with the group five times and says it needs to include more bills to paint an accurate picture. >> i don't take the report card as mean spirited or with malice. i think they issues that are important to them and the scores are the scores. i support the ones support and i opposed ones i opposed and that's okay. >> reporter: some voted in favor of top priorities. 20 lawmakers with the lowest scores including shoe including house bill 1374 that gives people facing foreclosure the chance to work with their lender through mediation. >> if it wasn't for that, yeah, i wouldn't be, i'd be one of the statistics. >> reporter: a job less left lisa struggling to pay her mortgage, but that bill kept her afloat and in her condo. >> there's no law that says i
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have to keep my house. but thank god that r there are laws that are put in place for the people that really want to work. >> as lisa works to pay the bills, lawmakers will be laboring in the next session. will they be looking out for you. >> i think they need to do their home work and try to get a better grade. we have to emphasize, this is one group's report card. it's subjective. they got to choose the criteria and votes they considered crucial. we put links as well as the break down to build it on and we'll let the group and the lawmakers who agreed to talk on our story weigh in on this. there are two sides to every story, so take a listen to their point of view and we'll let you decide if the grades are warranted. go to click on the investigative section right now. coming up, a heartbreaking story, a a mother took her 3- year-old son to get a look at the animals at the pittsburgh zoo. and he fell.
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>> find out how zoo workers tried desperately to save his life. and a dad wanted to take a picture o of a freight train for his son but never imagined seeing this. i'm meteorologist mike masco. it's dry and cold. maryland's most powerful tracking the storm 1800 miles out to the west. what does this mean for your workweek. we'll have the answer in 60 seconds.
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tonight a 3-year-old child is dead after a horrible tragedy at the pittsburgh zoo. >> the boy fell into an exhibit where he was malled to death by nearly a dozen wild animals. they're called african painted dogs, similar to wolves. he fell off the observation deck about 14 feet down. a zoo keeper was able to get 7 animals out of the exhibit while another employee shot tranquilizer darts. one had to be put down but it was too late to save the little
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boy. the zoo is going to be shut down while the death is investigated. two atlanta police officers were killed when the helicopter they were in hit the top of a power line pole and crashed into a street. federal investigators are going try to figure out what went wrong. james wood started recording a passing freight train but didn't expect to see what happened. himself in shock ran to the truck, he's thinking there's two people dead. nobody died. this is all that's left. woods video shows the union pacific train was passing through with the blowing and the crossing lights flashing, the driver of the truck told police didn't see the train. never saw the train. and now, maryland's most accurate forecast. >> we'll look at some of our cameras, this is robert e coleman shot looking at a nice afternoon, a blend of sunshine
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and clouds today. temperatures struggling to get into the upper 40s today, maxed out to around 48 degrees in many locations, having a great same deal, 46 to 48 degrees for your daytime highs and there's your sunset earlier, a little after 5 in the evening. here's the shot downtown: 39 degrees we're down to. 67% humidity. 29-degree dew points in this dry atmosphere and the wind usher in cooler air. should be around 61, and the record in the books 83, 24. 83 was set in 19 1961. we range from 39 to 41 in frederick, a little suspect on that temperature. most spots getting into the middle and upper 30s and you're on your way for upper 20s tonight north of the city as we are expecting freezing conditions. you notice on satellite, a few clouds working back in.
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a thin veil of clouds across the area. we are anticipating the temperatures to drop near the freezing mark and for that reason we have a freeze warning north of the city. out toward cecil county and frederick and carol county you're including until 8:00 in the morning. 34 in town. 45 degrees by the lunchtime hour. we'll make it up to around 50 degrees. that's your 2-degree guarantee. clear overhead, and noticed again the cooler air pouring down at 34 degrees at the present hour. just a few clouds across the skyline right now. we'll go towards the west and notice the area of low pressure working over the southern plains, this is a storm that will gather moisture by late tomorrow night in the gulf of mexico and then we'll be watching this start to curl up the coast. this would be tuesday night going into wednesday and all eyes on the carolina coastline by wednesday morning. this is going to be a little bit closer to the coast and that could produce rain and
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even some snow just towards the west of the city. carol, frederick county may see minor accumulation. rain, wind and yes, even some snow could be part of the equation of going into the midweek. tonight down to 33 in town. tomorrow 50 degrees is your it degree guarantee and tomorrow night 29 degrees in the city. so it's going to be chilly, freezing conditions once again. here's 7-day forecast. 50 tomorrow. 47 for tuesday, chilly day overall. clouds will gather late tuesday. wednesday we'll see the coastal storm. i think it's going to be an inland runner. i think it will be rain, wind, and i think there's going to be a snow aspect to this wednesday night into thursday. accumulation wise, that was a lot of buzz going on on the internet and facebook. i don't think this is going to be accumulating but could produce snow sures. a little -- showers.
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a little too soon. >> a lot too soon. >> and first taste of winter and next sunday, i'll let you know how much snow i think is going to happen over the next three months. >> i can't wait, can you. >> i can't wait. >> thanks mike. at least this happened, coach called it a must win. hello ray rice and coach also called this a fight. it was the first drive in the game winning drive that did it for the ravens as they beat cleveland for the 10th 10th straight time, 25-15. the ravens are 6 and 2. they hold first place in the tax fc north and the ravens are 5 and 0 after a bye. ravens at homecoming up sunday against the oakland raiders. 3, 2, 1. the army navy rivalry met on the rope. the annual tug of war contest, 1700 foot rope goes across the spa creek for the longest tug of war over water.
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and annapolis police beat the fire department but the bartenders crushed getting that win to the other side. >> it's pretty intimidating being in front, being across the river, but i liked the position and it was nice it to kind of feel like i was leading the pack. >> there is a rivalry. i think they just think annapolis has been a little on = the aristocratic, maybe a little snobby. >> sounds like fun. annapolis gets the bragging rights, winning 4 of the 7th 7th tug but only the third time in the past there's been more enthusiasm on the east port side. several charities benefited from the tug of war. what a weekend it was for a single mom and her family. >> tonight they are sleeping in their own home and we're going to tell you how luck finally went their way. and a man who has a desk job wants to give his desk away. find out what jimmy kimmel is
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up to when abc2 news comes right back.
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what a real surprise for cleo williams and her family. the single mom of six received a home in brooklyn stuffed with presents, furniture and a thanksgiving meal. it was because of orec did you know and his charity to help habitat for humanity. >> stability, comfort, and just come home to. sorry. >> the commissioner of football is here for the home for the
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holidays program has helped more than a hundred single parents throughout the country realize the dream of living in a home of their own. you can own a piece of entertainment history, jimmy kimmel auctioning off his desk to raise money for the sandy relief effort. signed by jimmy, fellow late night host david letterman, steven cobare and john stewart. you can bid on the desk. and the proceeds will benefit the red cross. >> that's a cool idea. everybody pitching in to help out those in need. >> it's a nice desk. i'd put money on it. we have a cold morning. let's get you out the door tomorrow morning with temperatures in the 30s. north and west upper 20s to around 30 degrees. we'll go up to 50 for your afternoon high. chilly and dry for tuesday. wednesday, oh, boy, 41 degrees. rain, wind, back at 4:30 with
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an updated forecast. and we're back after this.
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here at abc we're committed to giving you the information you need at the policy in november. we're bringing you 5 minute one on one interviews with the candidatings joining me down in rupert, seeking reelection. thank you for joining us. let's start off with your statement. >> i'm pleased to be here. i love my community and all of the residents that make it a brant place it to live. i grew up in baltimore city and graduated from city college. graduated from the university
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of baltimore law school. i raised my kids here. i coach recreation sports r for more than 15 years, boys and girlings when i get to -- girls. when i get to vacation it's in ocean city. and when i retire i intend to stay here. i ran for office after a near fatal car crash while working as a prosecutor for baltimore county. my life was saved at maryland shock trauma. after my recovery i asked what i could do to repay them and they said run for office. i am vice chair of the board of visitors, i was elected to baltimore county council and served eight years as county executive. i bring my experience to washington. i balance budget and had earn triple a bond ratings. i was honored by governorring magazine, and i recruited 40,000 jobs after my predecessor created 600. i bring experience as a small
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business owner myself. i know what it takes to make a payroll. i've continued to run for office because i want to help people. my office track record of helping people is as good as any in the inflation. inflation-- nation. >> a mother's son was injured in afghanistan. she was concerned he was going to be transferred to a hospital in texas. the very next day i was able to make sure he was transferred to baltimore reed instead so his family could be with him throughout his recovery. i helped a local high school teach herb with three children avoid foreclosure. i believe small businesses a constituents too and i spend a lot of time helping them in the district. we have one company in baltimore that makes display cases that had a contract with a defense contract. we were able to expedite their payments and keep the business running. these are the types of things i do every day. i believe the election should be won on the record, not the rhetoric you hear during
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election time. my record is substantiative. had reflects my priorities which i know are the priorities of constituents o of the second district. that's jobs and the economy. i have built a reputation in washington as one of the most nonpartisan members of the house of representatives. my breaking party lines have been acknowledged by the washington post, national journal and other independent news sources. the washington postcalled my relationship with republican chairman of the house intelligence committee a small miracle of bipartisanship. that should be rep kateed throughout congress. i'm -- replicated throughout congress. the chairman and i worked together to cut $1 billion of the intelligent budget by reviewing them line by line. i pass bills establishing two national programs to provide free hair fair and hotel -- air fare and hotel to wounded families. we've been able to provide more
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than 32,000 plane tickets and reward points. i brought hundreds o of millions of dollars back to the district for our aging infrastructure and fight came. for example, i've -- crime. for example, i was able to get it headquarters here in the state of maryland, i believe we need to reach children before the gangs do. i played a major role in job in the military base in new jersey during the back process. stimulated the housing job market throughout the state and high paying jobs for maryland families. and before i stop, i want to say that as my role as ranking member of the house intelligence committee i travel all over the world. i believe we are the best country in the world. we have to come together, one nation, our challenges aren't democrat or republican, they're
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american challenges and require american solutionings. >> congressman, thank you very much for sharing your time with us. we want to see the other interviews and you can log onto our web site at and vote on tuesday, november 6th. and that is it for us. >> let's go. let's start the week. we'll seal you tomorrow. we'll see you tomorrow. so, maybe you're trying to figure out question seven.
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well, let me give it a shot. if you're ok with marylanders spending five hundred and... fifty million a year gaming in other states, fair enough. but if you think we should keep that money here... add twelve thousand jobs, and generate millions for schools... well you should probably vote for question seven. because if it doesn't pass, all of this goes away. that's why the post called seven, common sense. but decide for yourself.
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